How to Wash your Car using a Foam Cannon | Car Detailing and Car Wash Tips and Tricks | Foam Cannon

Ive received a lot of questions on my past videos regarding car wash soaps and foam cannons. Many of you want to know what my process is for washing a car using a foam cannon. So here it is!!! I walk you through a maintenance car wash on a beautiful Aston Martin and show you step by step. ENJOY!!!

✅ Step 1 - SET UP Its important to get yourself set up before starting so you are searching for your tools and chemicals. Being prepared for your car wash right up front allows you to be more efficient and get it done faster!


Adams Mega Foam -

Pressure Washer -

Quick Connects for Pressure Washer Set Up -

✅ 1.1mm orifice for Foam Cannon -

UberFlex Hose -

50' Flexzilla Hose (Same as Uberflex) -

Stubby Pressure Washer Wand -

Foam Cannon -

Microfiber Towels -

Wheel Brush #1 -

Wheel Brush #2 -

Body Brush -

Wheel Cleaner by P&S -

Wheel Cleaner by MALCO -

Ceramic Detail Spray (SI02) -

Tire Dressing -

Application Pads -

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✅ Step 2 - RINSE An Initial rinse of the vehicle is important to remove any loose and larger debris from the paint. This allows the foam application to work better on the areas that are stuck on to the vehicles paint.

✅ Step 3 - WHEEL CLEANING Once the vehicle is rinsed down, I like to move my attention the wheels and properly clean the surface as well as the barrel of the wheel. Using proper products ad brushes to agitate the dirt and brake dust and then rinse it away.

✅ Step 4 - FOAM BATH with FOAM CANNON Using my foam cannon, i cover the vehicle with a ph neutral soap (so no wax will be removed) and let it dwell on the paint for about 1 minute in most cases. This allows the soap to break down the dirt and contamination on the paint and also adds a layer lubrication to prevent any wash marks, scratches, or marring on your cars paint.

✅ Step 5 - CONTACT WASH Using Multiple Microfiber Towels in my bucket, I wash the car section by section. As the Towel gets dirty, i toss it to the side and move on to a new clean microfiber from my bucket. This prevents any contamination from being introduced in to the bucket of clean soapy water.

✅ Step 6 - RINSE Its time for the second rinse to wash away all the foam, soap, and dirt!

✅ Step 7 - DRY THE VEHICLE Using a leaf blower, I blow of the bulk of the water. I also focus in on the tight areas that are know to cause drips like the mirrors, door handles, and any other tight spots. Once the bulk of the water is removed, I the dry the rest of the vehicle using a microfiber towel and ceramic detail spray!

✅ Step 8 - CLEAN WINDOWS The secret to my streak free windows in nothing more than clean and dry microfiber towels and water!

✅ Step 9 - FINAL WIPE DOWN AND INSPECTION Using the Ceramic Detail Spray and a microfiber towel and go through the entire vehicle to fine tune and make sure its looking its best!